Moto Masuhiro


Bean – Moto Masuhiro – Dangerous Outcast.
Attributes: Air: 2 • Earth: 3 • Fire: 2 (Agility: 3) • Water: 3 • Void: 2

Skills: Athletics 1 • Defense 2 • Hunting 1 • Kenjutsu (Scimitar) 3
Horsemanship 3 • Battle 3 • Handle Animal 2 • Commerce 1 Craft: Cooking 1

Honor: 3.5
Status: 1
Infamy: 1

Attack: 6k3 [Scimitar] Damage: 7k3 [Scimitar]
TN to be Hit: 27 (19 on the ground) Riding Armor • Reduction: 4

RANK 1: The Way of the Unicorn
You may wield a two-handed weapon with one hand (except for bows). You gain a bonus of +1k0 to damage rolls while mounted, using a scimitar, or while using a two-handed weapon (these bonuses don’t stack). Scimitars have the Samurai keyword.

Way of the Land (impossible to get lost in chosen lands, knows the location of available resources in chosen lands)
Touch of the Spirit Realm: Gaki-do (regain 5 wounds per kill)
Irreproachable (+1k0 to resist the Temptation Skill)
Strength of the Earth (TN penalties from wounds is reduced by 3)

Bad Fortune (Evil eye) (People believe his eye to be a bad omen)
Consumed (Will) (You must get your way, -1k1 to all Courtier or Temptation Skill Rolls as you refuse to compromise)
Insensitive (Plights of others simply do not interest you
Infamous (known for being unnecessarily cruel or dangerous)

Koku: 5

Outfit: Riding Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Lance, Scimitar, Unicorn Horse,
Traveling Pack
-Cooking Pot
-Flint and Tinder
-Straw Cloak
-Small back banner


A shorter man that has a stone like countenance. First instinct is he is sizing you up and overlooking you. He seems to pay more attention to his very cared for brown Unicorn horse. They seem to move as one and disregard your space. He has a dog that follows him no matter where he goes. When he can’t follow, he will wait with the horse.

When he speaks, they are short sentences and it just generally seems like he wants to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible while getting his way.

Moto Masuhiro

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